10 Fun and Educational Activities to Do with Your Preschooler

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We know life with preschoolers can be a whirlwind of energy and curiosity. So, we've got your back with a bunch of awesome activities that are not just entertaining but sneak in a bit of learning too. No need for fancy gear or complicated setups – we're all about simple, easy, and, most importantly, fun. Get ready to dive into the world of toddler-approved adventures right in your own backyard (or living room, whichever works).

10 Fun and Educational Activities to Do with Your Preschooler at Home

  1. Explore Nature:

Take a nature walk in your local park. Encourage your preschooler to name the different flowers, trees, and animals they see. It's a great way to introduce them to the wonders of the natural world while expanding their vocabulary.

  1. Colourful Art Time:

Set up a designated art space and let your preschooler's imagination run wild. Provide crayons, paints, coloured pencils, and paper. Allow them to experiment with mixing colours and creating their own masterpieces. This activity not only enhances creativity but also helps with fine motor skills.

  1. Storytime Adventure:

Choose engaging and age-appropriate books to read aloud to your preschooler. Use animated voices to bring the characters to life and maintain their interest. After the story, encourage them to tell you their version or predict what might happen next, fostering comprehension and language development.

  1. Number Play:

Make learning numbers a playful experience. Use toys or household items to count, add, and subtract. You can even incorporate snacks for a tasty counting exercise. This activity lays the foundation for basic math skills and numerical understanding.

  1. DIY Playdough:

Engage your preschooler in a fun and educational DIY project by making playdough together. Mix flour, salt, water, and food colouring to create the playdough. Let them explore shapes and colours, enhancing their sensory perception and creativity.

  1. Alphabet Hunt:

Transform learning the alphabet into an exciting adventure. Hide letter cards around the house, and encourage your preschooler to find them. Start with the letters of their name, gradually moving on to the entire alphabet. This activity helps in letter recognition and initial reading skills.

  1. Sing and Dance:

Play their favourite songs and dance together. Encourage them to sing along and mimic the movements. Not only does this activity enhance their coordination and gross motor skills, but it also introduces them to different rhythms and words.

  1. Shape Sorting:

Gather various objects of different shapes and sizes from around the house. Guide your preschooler in sorting them by shape. This hands-on activity aids in shape recognition and understanding spatial concepts.

  1. Plant a Seed:

Allow your preschooler to experience the magic of nature by planting a seed together. Choose an easy-to-grow plant like a sunflower or bean sprout. Involve them in watering and caring for the plant, teaching them about growth and responsibility.

  1. Puzzle Time:

Introduce age-appropriate puzzles to your preschooler. Start with simple wooden puzzles and gradually move to more complex ones. This activity improves problem-solving skills and enhances cognitive development.


Spending quality time engaging in these fun and educational activities will not only create cherished memories but also stimulate your preschooler's growth and learning. Foster a love for learning early on and watch them thrive in a playful and educational environment right at home.

Why Choose Wonder Years?

When it comes to your child's growth and development, play-based learning can be an incredibly effective tool. By making learning enjoyable and engaging, this approach helps your child absorb new information and make lasting memories. If you're searching for a childcare centre in the Cherrybrook area, our team is here to help. We specialise in creating customised learning experiences that tap into your child's natural curiosity and enthusiasm. 

Don't forget that play is an essential part of your child's development and sets the stage for a bright future. Take the first step in your child's educational journey by scheduling a tour of our facilities today. Give us a call at (02) 9484 2595 to learn more!

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