5 Indoor Activities for Children this Summer

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When the sun is shining bright and the temperatures climb outside, it's a must to engage the kids inside. Here are fun ideas to keep kids both engaged and happy indoors this summer. The summer season offers a great adventure in search of the best of home comfort. There is an opportunity to try indoor activity - a great way to practice creativity, learning, and bonding with family and friends.

  1. Creative Arts and Crafts
  • Painting and Drawing

Set an art space in the house with paints, brushes, and paper where the child can let the imagination flow. Children can be encouraged to paint with their own colors and explore the different painting techniques they are applying to the paper. 

  • DIY Projects

Get creative with simple DIY projects using household items. From making paper airplanes to whipping out homemade playdough, the possibilities are endless. 

  1. Educational Games 
  • Puzzles - Board Games

Build a night of family fun, laughter, and friendly competition. More than a classic board game will bring the house down with games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, or Candy Land, but find new favorites that keep the mind sharp and teach strategy.

  • Building Blocks

Get your child introduced to the world of engineering with some building blocks such as LEGO or Mega Bloks. Right from creating huge skyscrapers to the most complex architecture, building blocks let your child do a lot of thinking and imagining. 

  1. Physical Activities: 
  • Indoor Obstacle Course

Turn your living room into a buzz of a field play featuring pillows, cushioning, and furniture. Let kids crawl, jump, and climb through it while working on gross motor skills and burning off some energy along the way.

  • Dance Parties

Turn up the music and make a little party for yourself at home. Dance to your favorite music or even challenge others with dance-offs and choreography battles.

  1. Cooking and Baking
  • Simple Recipes

Another excellent way to keep kids busy during a rainstorm is to engage in the kitchen making some easy and kid-friendly recipes. From homemade pizzas to fruit kabobs, kids can enjoy the fun of cooking while learning valuable life skills.

  • Treat Decorating

Have cookie decoration, cupcake, or pancake decorations sessions where the kids can decorate and come up with as many innovative designs as they can. Bring toppings like sprinkles, chocolate chips, or even little tubes of frosting. Watch them come up with creative ways on how to decorate these most basic of treats into their own unique masterpieces.

  1. Storytelling and Reading

Start a family book club in which all the members together decide on a new story to read each week. Talk about the plot, characters, and themes of the story and help children formulate some ideas and share their insights.

Have a few comfortable reading spaces scattered around the house, cozy and cushioned, with reading lights. Set up regular story sessions, where children can get lost in magic and wonder.


This summer, create endless fun in the house through empowering indoor activities while at it; create moments with the kids. From arts and craft to being creative to staying active with physical challenges, there is never a dull moment indoors.

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