5 Proven Strategies for Easy Childcare Drop-off

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Key Points:

  • Creating a special goodbye ritual, helping your child get familiar with the childcare setting, speaking positively about childcare, and staying calm and confident can all help reduce the stress of separation for both you and your child.
  • Separation anxiety are normal aspects of child development. 
  • Working together with the childcare provider can help you make drop-offs much easier.

Dropping off your child at childcare can be as nerve-wracking for parents as it is for the children. A change routine that can stir up a mix of emotions, from anxiety and guilt to relief and joy. Quite a roller coaster, we know.

A smooth drop-off doesn’t just benefit you; it sets the tone for your child's day. If you know you’ll be able to leave your child without any tears in their eyes, it’s a good way to do your errands or go to work. 

Here we explore five proven strategies to simplify your childcare drop-off, ensuring a happier start to the day for both you and your little one.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety

Some children may feel overwhelmed seeing strangers and might take time before they become familiar with them. This is also where separation anxiety comes in. A child feeling distressed when separated from parents usually peaks around 14-18 months but can occur in older children.

These emotions are normal aspects of child development. Children won’t be able to comprehend what they feel and see for a moment, and that is okay. 

Several factors influence how your child may react to starting child care:

  • Building trusting relationships with educators
  • Familiarity of the child care setting
  • Prior experiences of care outside the immediate family
  • Child’s temperament and preferences
  • Child’s age and developmental stage
  • Frequency of attendance at child care

1. Create a Goodbye Ritual

It’s very important to say goodbye to your child. Leaving them without letting them know will make them feel that the childcare centre is a scary place. It could be as simple as a special hug, a high-five, or a secret handshake. If you see tears forming, reassure them with something encouraging like giving them rewards. A consistent goodbye ritual reassures your child that although you are leaving, you will return, and everything is okay. 

2. Familiarise Your Child with the Childcare Environment

Before the childcare start date, visit the facility with your child a few times to familiarise them with the new environment. Let them play while you’re there so they’ll remember the centre as a place of fun.

3. Let them bring something from home

Some children often have things that make them feel comfortable. May it be a toy or a teddy bear, letting them bring it can give them a sense of home. 

4. Talk About Childcare Positively

The way you talk about childcare in front of your child can really shape how they feel about it. Paint childcare as a cool place where they get to play, learn, and hang out with friends. Focus on the good stuff, like their favourite games or toys they can enjoy there.

When kids think of childcare as a fun and educational spot, they'll probably be more excited to go every day.

5. Stay Calm and Confident

Kids can really sense how their parents are feeling. If you're feeling nervous or upset about leaving them at daycare, chances are they'll pick up on that vibe and feel the same way.  Your calmness tells your child that you trust the daycare staff and that they're in good hands. This can help ease their worries and make the drop-off less stressful for everyone.

The Role of Communication

Communication with your childcare providers is essential too. They can provide helpful advice and strategies customised to your child's requirements, which can make the drop-off process smoother. Be sure to discuss any concerns or specific needs your child may have with them. Working together in collaboration can have a significant impact.


Establishing a consistent morning routine, creating a special goodbye ritual, helping your child get familiar with the childcare setting, speaking positively about childcare, and staying calm and confident can all help reduce the stress of separation for both you and your child.

It's normal for adjustments to take time, so be patient and understanding.

Incorporating these strategies into your daily routine can turn childcare drop-offs from a daunting task into an opportunity for your child to grow and become more independent. As they get used to their new routine, you'll feel reassured knowing they're starting their day in a positive and supportive environment.

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