The Benefits of Outdoor Play

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Childcare is more than just looking after kids. It's about creating a place where they can grow, learn, and play safely. One key part of this is making sure kids get plenty of time to play outside. Playing outside is super fun, but it also helps kids grow up healthy and smart. Nowadays, with so many gadgets and screens, it's really important to make outdoor play a big deal.

Let's talk about why outdoor play is so great for kids in childcare:

1. They become active

When kids play outside, they run, jump, climb, and do all sorts of moves that make them strong and healthy. Playing outside means kids can move around a lot, which is good for their bodies and helps them get better at things like balance and coordination.

2. Help kids learn in new ways

Playing outside helps kids think and learn in new ways. They get curious about nature, like trees and animals, and start to explore. This helps them solve problems, make decisions, and think hard as they play and try out new ideas.

3. Helps learn about their surroundings

The outside world is full of things to touch, see, hear, and smell. Kids get to experience all these cool things when they play outside, which is good for their brains and helps them learn about the world in a fun way.

4. They use their imagination

Outside, kids can make up their own games and stories. They use what they find around them, like sticks and stones, to invent new play ideas. This kind of play lets kids be super creative and come up with awesome ideas.

5. They start making friends

Playing outside gives kids a chance to play together, share, and talk. This is great for making friends and learning how to get along with others. Plus, being outside can make kids feel happy and calm.

6. Get to try new things

Outdoor play lets kids try things that might be a bit risky, like climbing high or jumping far. This is good because it teaches them to be brave and to figure out what they can do. It helps them grow up feeling confident and strong.

7. Appreciate the environment

Playing outside helps kids learn to love and care for the environment. They learn about plants, animals, and how to take care of our planet. This is really important for helping kids become thoughtful and kind people.

8. Keeps them to stay healthy

Being outside in the sunshine gives kids vitamin D, which is important for healthy bones. Plus, moving around a lot is good for staying fit and can help keep kids from getting sick too often. Fresh air and nature also make kids feel good inside and out.

Wonder Years and Outdoor Play

At Wonder Years, we know how important outdoor play is. We've made sure our childcare centers have big, safe places for kids to explore and play. We bring in natural stuff and lots of fun toys so kids can have adventures and learn new things every day.

Our teachers are there to make sure everyone is safe and having a good time. They come up with fun outdoor activities that are just right for kids of all ages.

Choose Fun and Learning!

Picking a childcare that gives kids plenty of time to play outside is a big deal. Wonder Years is all about making sure kids get to have fun outside, learn a lot, and grow up happy and healthy. Call us to find out more and see our awesome outdoor play spaces for yourself! By applying play-based learning, Wonder Years supports kids in growing up healthy, smart, and full of joy.

Choosing a childcare centre that prioritises a safe and nurturing environment, with a focus on outdoor play, is essential for a child's development. We stand out in this regard, offering expansive outdoor spaces, nature-based learning experiences, qualified educators, and age-appropriate programs. We are conveniently located nearby HornsbyDural, Castle Hill, Westleigh, and West Pennant Hills. Contact us today at and (02) 9484 2595  to book a tour.

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